Tutorial – October 2019



Enter your tasks/jobs or customer​​ notes

Write stuff down soon as it comes in. Whether the source of the info is from an email, a phone call, a text message or simply an idea, write down as much as possible straight away. Drag the Personizer app icon onto the quick app launch area, right next to the phone, email or Chrome icons. So it’s always ready to serve.

Create task

Write down the task or job info​​ 

Press the​​ ​​ button in the bottom right.

Enter the task name and optionally the description.​​ 

E.g. Call Bob about the order (Press the Phones​​ back button to hide the keyboard again).

Attach photos

Press the​​ button to attach a photo to the task. Either take a new photo or choose from gallery.

Be aware that the actual photo is not stored in Personizer. It only stores a path link to the​​ photo. This is to save space on the phone.​​ 

Currently if you export your data it will not transfer the photos because of this.

Categorize the task

With a Contact​​ 

Choose which category type to use. It can be a person (for example for a client) or a​​ folder (custom category).​​ 
Tap into the ‘privately categorise task’ and type in the name of the Person​​ 

Basically, if the task involves a person, use that person to categorize it with, Personize it! This is very useful for not just simple personal categorization but for ease of communications.

With a Custom folder

Tap into the ‘privately categorize task’ and type in the name of the custom folder​​ 


Add / edit a Contact

Sometimes a contact will not exist, in the Task Edit screen, expand the extra menu with the 3 dots button.​​ 

Then tap +new contact to add a new contact.​​ 


Add / edit Custom category

Expand the extra 3 dot menu, then tap Edit Custom Categories to add or rename an existing Custom category. Press the top back arrow when all done.

The new Category will show up in the Category chooser box


Save Task

Tap Save to save the task. Or press Back or Cancel to cancel it.​​ 

Delete task​​ 

To delete the task permanently, press the Trash Can icon. (this is different to completing a task, which moves the​​ task into the History).​​ 

Plan & schedule the tasks

Set reminder

In the Task edit page, turn on the Alarm to set a reminder for this task. Change the ringtone in Settings by sliding in right from the top far side (or tap the hamburger button <show​​ hamburger button>) ​​ 


The reminder is also used to filter tasks into the various views (Today, Overdue, All tasks)​​ 

Copy to calendar

Copy the task onto your calendar. it will copy the task name into the heading, and append the Category name to it. E.g. Meeting [with Bob] then set the date and time and Save it. Press the phones back button once or twice to return to the app. (Be sure to press Save on the task as well).​​ 

Drag into the right order

Long tap and hold on any task or contact to reorder them. By default, the tasks are shown in order of most recent at the top.​​ 

Set as important

Press the Star icon on the Task edit screen and the task will always appear at the top of its Category in bold. It can’t be reordered.​​ 


See and do the work

Once things​​ are planned out it’s easy to execute the tasks and stay engaged with the people involved.​​ 

View the schedule

Swipe right or tap the Table view to see the schedule. Tap any column header to sort by that. Tap any task to open it.


Set filters

Easily see​​ what needs to be done today by choosing Today from the filter view.​​ 

Tasks are automatically colour coded with Green (All tasks), Yellow (Today), Red (Today & Overdue), to show:

What’s not yet due.​​ 

What’s due today.

What’s overdue.​​ 

A task is​​ green, if it is 24hrs or more in the future, or if it is not scheduled.​​ 

Today is midnight to midnight today.​​ 

Overdue is from yesterday or prior and not done.​​ 

Communicate with customer

If the task is categorised with a Person (from your Contacts), tap​​ the Persons photo or name, to jump through to their Contact profile. Then Call, SMS or Email, or use their location to drive to them. This loads up your existing Contacts app profile. Press the phone’s Back button to return to Personizer.​​ 

Add new tasks​​ to the Contact

On an existing Contact that has a task visible, tap the little blue plus button next to their photo area, and quickly add a new task that is already categorized to them. Set up all the other fields as required for the task.​​ 


Finish things​​ off

Mark task as done.​​ 

When the task is completed, tap the Square icon to mark as done.​​ 

Share the completed task

You can also use the Share icon to share the task off and notify people of it’s completion. Tap the Task to go into Edit mode, tap the “... “in the top right, tap “Share”.​​ 


When a task is completed, it is archived in the History page. Swipe right a couple times to go to History. The task can also be revived from here by unticking it. Remember to permanently delete a task use the Trash icon in the Edit Task page.​​ 


Squeeze more stuff in.

If the tasks are all completed, jump back to the All tasks view and see what else can be done today.​​ 


Export your data

Go to Settings, tap Import | Export. Tap the Settings icon, tap​​ Import/Export, choose Export, choose a path to save the database. On the new device tap Settings, tap Import/Export, tap Import, choose the path to the database file. Tap ok. Import is done. The photos are not saved as they use a hard link to the photos on​​ the original device.