3 SIMPLE steps to have REPEAT customers!

3 SIMPLE steps to have REPEAT customers!


3 SIMPLE steps to have REPEAT customers!

Never before has history offered up so many distractions to society. Your attention and focus is now a valuable commodity. And if a customer has your focus they see that your objective is in line with theirs. The problem of distractions is helped by controlling the external environment. Locking ourselves up in a cabin, is not usually possible. But some form of isolation is needed to focus.

Happy customers require 3 basic things. And if you give them these things they will love you and become your biggest free advertisers.

  1. Give them your undivided attention. Avoid taking phone calls when with them. Focus on just their needs and their requirements for this time. The question we need to answer is – “What does my customer want?”. Everything else can wait.
  2. Become empathetic and listen. By giving them your undivided attention, it will also make it much easier to listen and understand their problems. By understanding their problems you will able to solve them and be more in tune with their needs. And accurately fulfil their requests, which will also reduce any errors in ordering and communications.
  3. Create a genuine relationship. Think of this like a social bank account that you build up. This is done through communicating an expression of care, appreciation and nurturing like you would in any relationship. Some suggestions; send birthday cards, be mindful of any personal info and enquire about that next time. They will be shocked at how much you really listened to them.

Demonstrating that you listened and understood is a valuable and sincere compliment. Try to deliver more than you promised. Whatever you can do that adds your own personal extra touch will show them how much you care about this relationship. Be joyous, have fun and be your best self.

A great way to remember the important points when giving customers your attention is to write them down immediately. It’s not rude to say “I’m going to take a note on that.”, in fact it’s probably better to say this, otherwise, they might think you are texting or emailing someone else.  Be aware that nothing seems more insincere than asking ‘How was the holiday with your wife?’ And they reply with “I am divorced”. So make sure it’s genuine and write things down.

Create a customer centred profile of the customer. You can add extra information to the client’s Contact profile on your phone, or even take a photo of them and save to your contact. This is a fun little exercise too. This will provide useful details later when meeting with customers. Take notes on-the-fly, write them down immediately. Whether they have given ordering information, or exact specific details, make sure to get it jotted down instantly.

The Personizer App for Android, gives you instant access to Customer-centered personal organization. Just punch in the note, e.g “Bob is travelling to Hawaii” . Or “Bob needs 5 new blue widgets this month”. And now Label the note as belonging to “Bob”, as he is already in your phone’s contacts. Now that note/task is categorized according to Bob. Instantly you can look up all info about Bob. And when it’s done, Tick it off, and it will go into the History for Bob, so it’s easy to access it again in the future.

Because it’s stored just on your phone, it is quick to write it down, and then later refer back to it. Start your day off each morning by checking the app and seeing what important things need to be completed. It is the world’s first instant client centred app. No setup required. It is just for your own personal organization and will never ever contact your contacts, it just uses their names so you can label your notes, and categorize better. This also has added benefits; it gives you instant access to calls/sms/email the client. It’s so handy and contextual to each individual important client.

It also has a general section for general stuff you need to get done. So it’s ok to use it for all your personal tasks as well, like “File my paperwork away”, “Clean out the fridge”. It provides a general approach so that work and home life can be integrated but separate, and kept completely private from the outside world. Creating an isolated, separated, focused app lets you visually see who needs what done. How does it do all this magic? Simple it uses a person centred approach. But integrates with your own tasks and your calendar. Categorize all your important tasks/notes by who is involved with it.

Personizer – your simple Personal Organizer. It integrates notes, your calendar and your existing contacts list. An all in one Personal Organizer solution.