How can Personizer improve my business results?

How can Personizer improve my business results?

How can Personizer improve my business results?

Personizer creates a Person centric personal organization workflow. This means that instead of workflow organization being time-centric, like on a calendar, it becomes person centric. So that an actionable task is categorized with a Person. This leads to significantly improved customer care or employee management or relationship nurturing. Whatever the situation, it will be handled better. 

In personal organization, results are measured through the achievement of productivity. Productivity is action-based steps that lead to a qualitative outcome. Productivity is the product of focus and energy. Personizer improves focus and energy through its person-centred approach. 



The significance of results is always more important than the significance of efficiency.

Results > (is greater than) Efficiency

Personizer improves results because it manifests the core principle of ‘people are our most important asset’


It is more important how efficient we are in a segment of time than it is in the allocation of the time itself.

Efficiency > Time.


Yet many businesses/freelancers focus on optimizing time and productivity at the expense of the person centric approach, which increases productivity and results. Whether a customer or employee, the person centric approach works ubiquitously. When applied alongside prioritization and time management capabilities, there is now a complete approach.


The individuals workflow can now be defined as :

People (person centric) -> Action -> Time (management).  This can be stated also at it’s most elemental stage as ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘when’. The practical application of this full system is Contacts, Tasks, Calendar.


As results are more important than time, we can achieve more salient long-lasting results in less time. Therefore Personizer creates more free time. This bottom up approach to increased results produces better relationships, more co-operation, more Action and invariably greater efficiency.