Google contacts as a CRM

Google contacts as a CRM

What is Google contacts? It is Google’s free database system that allows you to save your contacts information. It comes included with every Gmail account. And when you set up an account on your smart phone, it will show those contacts in your phones’ contacts app.


You can save up to 25,000 contacts in your account, with a total storage space of 20MB (User photos do not count towards this). That may not sound like much but 20 megabytes of text data is the equivalent of 5,000 pages or 4 bibles stacked up. That’s a lot of info about your clients!


Its other restrictions include a maximum of 500 different custom fields, 1024 character limit for each field, and 128KB storage for each contact. Also, each user has access to 50,000 shared external contacts if you are in a team environment and want to access shared contacts.


So why should you use Google contacts as a CRM if you are a small business?

For a couple of reasons. Firstly because of the gold mine of data that already exists in your contacts list. Your network is your net worth.

Secondly, Google contacts are the most common form of contact data around the world. Which means pretty much most other systems or more advanced CRMs will support importing or using their data. That makes it perfectly universal.  

If you start out just using Google contacts this is the easiest platform to upgrade from.


To use Google contacts as a CRM, login to your Gmail account, and then from your account go to the Contacts app. By typing


You can also access and edit all of this data on your phone.

Once logged in there are a plethora of fields that you can fill in on your contact.


Some very handy ones are the email address or the physical address if you ever need to visit the Contacts location.

Add custom fields of anything you like. Use as much or as little of the fields as you like.


Then you can start to create “labels” to put contacts into groups. Each contact can exist in multiple labels.

As an example, create some label groups for a customer sales cycle. E.g. “Lead”, “Customer” “Past customer”, and change the Contacts progress as they proceed through the sales cycle.


Then if you are looking to drive some new business, send out a group email to your Past customers or any group you like by typing it into the Gmail address field that Label group name.   


We currently have a basic version of an android CRM app on the Google Playstore, which will help you to manage your customer’s needs through your phone’s contacts (google contacts). It allows you to create tasks for your customers and categorizes it by them. It gives an area for your own general tasks. It has quick links to the contacts data which gives quick access to make calls, SMS, email. You can also copy job info over onto your calendar. Set up alerts, add photos, write down long notes. And all the data is stored in a separate database so it won’t affect your Google quota.


Download the free app… If it’s helpful please support us with a review, we’ve been able to grow and develop only through your support.