Getting the most out of Personizer

Getting the most out of Personizer

  1. Check Personizer every morning when you start your day. This will remind you of activities / tasks coming up for the day and who needs what done.


  1. Keep your device on hand as much as possible. Our minds work clearer when we have written things down. So always have your organizer ready to go. Personizer offers an instant text box to take your entries down immediately.


  1. Categorize tasks based on who is in involved with the Task. If the person is not already in your contacts list, tap the Contacts icon at the top, and tap ‘Add contact’. Add their details in, and now they can be used instantly.


  1. Make use of the General tasks section for unlabeled personal tasks, such as your Shopping List, or paperwork that needs attention or personal chores


  1. There is no wrong way to use the app. But there are more benefits when labeling a task with the relevant person; contact them instantly about the task for more info, tell them when it’s done, categorize it, and when it’s all done it will be kept in your history for later reference.