Big new release, version 3.0!

Big new release, version 3.0!

After many months rebuilding the Personizer app from the ground up and implementing customer feedback features, we are rolling out Personizer 3.0 and looking forward to hear about any problems or suggestions!

As at 29th July, 2020 we have released the new version to 50% of users to see how things go. To make sure you’re in that 50% you can join the beta program here:


The new version is sporting the new yellow and black colour scheme and using a Bee for the logo and the app icon.

We are pleased to announce this major upgrade and these much requested new features;

»Search feature
»Integrated Calendar
»Better notes handling
»Better scheduling and some sweet Contacts integration

To get comfortable with the new version check out the tutorial here.

There is now a “Refresh Contacts” button on the top right-hand side drop down, to keep your Google Contacts synced in Personizer.

Send your feedback to or expand the chat feature on the website from the bottom right hand side to chat.

Thankyou for the support and feedback and we look forward to making it better and receiving your suggestions.