About us


Making life easier, from Brisbane, Australia.

Mission statement:

We are all called to be managers. Our mission is to empower individuals to manage their lives through a truly individual personal organizer that focuses on the important people in our lives. We believe companies don’t do business with companies but people do business with people.

Promoting better relationships through easier communications in our daily activities is our goal. With a net result that what ends up on our calendar should be seen through the lens of those relationships and priorities.  We see an opportunity for this system as a disruptive tech to bring people together through a person-centric organization model.

Until now many people still use Paper-based systems for self-organization because none of the existing tools has easily solved the problem of integrating Calendar, Contacts and Task items into a single integrated and easy to use system.

Our vision, your simplicity:

Create an amazing personalised experience of personal organisation for busy people in one app. Become the world’s best and most popular personal organizer using a person-centred approach for day to day activities integrated with your existing calendar items, an all in one solution.

Privacy and security:

Your privacy is paramount to us and our users, so we guarantee your data is stored only on your phone and cannot be accessed by us.